The Rights 2 Life Foundation Inc.

The Rights 2 Life Foundation Inc. is a 501.c3 organization incorporated to support the needs of underprivileged, adverse communities and citizens. Guided by a conscience Board of Directors to assist low, moderate income families, citizens and communities in positive self support and improvement inititives guided by community development and economic growth.

Providing access to the needs of low-income and under-represented populations to education, food, transportation, shelter and safety.

These goals can further be defined by realization of the following primarily food, clothing, shelter, rest, medical care, and finally the necessary social services.

Be a part of positive change and community growth!  please donate to our cause.

The Rights 2 Life Foundation Inc.

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If you have the desire to support communities and families that need financial support or hope to support projects which promote community development please donate to the Rights 2 Life Foundation which is Tax Deductible.   If you have any ideas for projects for community development please contact the President and Chairman of the Rights 2 Life Foundation – Micah Rowland.  You may see Micah Rowland’s background and experiences here:

Also please follow us on facebook and contact any member of our board of directors.  See below.  Our lastest project is LOVE YOUR BLOCKS initiatives throughout the summer for the following communities of Adair Park, Capital Gateway, Mechanicsville, Peopletown, Pittsburgh and Summerhill in Intown South Atlanta, so we are looking for any donations please see here: and

Full STEAM Ahead! Youth Robotics (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math


Community Clean up, Removing Tires and Beautification Project Community Garden
Removing Tires which are the source of mosquito-born diseases


Feeding the needs of our community

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