Project #quenchyourthirst

The project quench your thirst is a campaign implemented to provide contained or bottled drinking water to people in Atlanta Georgia.

While walking through a downtown Atlanta neighborhood on July 3, 2014 we witnessed people who not only couldn’t afford drinking water but found that they had gone for days without it. Two men argued over a .25 cent cup of drinking water until it was spilled. We purchased 2 bottles of water for them for $1.50 per bottle at a local bodega. Which was the only location in the area. Fast Food chains also serve water via a paper cup however the lines in these establishments were too long and the water couldn’t be stored for later consumption. Which means people need to find another source of drinking water once the restaurants were closed. Other more upscale restaurants do not allow homeless or citizens who do not fit a certain social class to enter to ask for water. Some people were told that they do not sell water but only as a supplement to a purchased meal which range between $11.95 and $20.95 depending the time of day.

We hope to deter these activities and with your help provided fresh, clean drinking water to those who need it during this hot summer.

Our goal is to provide more than 1000 bottles of drinking water to needed citizens by September 15, 2014. Please help us by donating to The rights 2 life foundation Inc. project #quenchyourthirst campaign. Starting July 12, 2014.

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