Project #gardenvariety

Project #gardenvariety is a Rights 2 Life Foundation campaign to support dilapidated communities by creating green space or community gardens. Through Project #greenspace we hope to support communities and groups by assisting them in creating community gardens on vacant land lots.

These initiatives are year round!


Initiative – A – Summerhill – Summerhill Garden
Initiative – A – Summerhill
Building Garden Boxes, digging trench and laying
walking path, Cut back foliageSummerhill Garden431 Connally St SE
Atlanta, Georgia

LOCATION: 431 Connally St SE Atlanta, Georgia

Peoplestown Garden Sign Up -

Initiative – B – Peoplestown
Initiative – B – Peoplestown
Weeding Garden, Removng Debris and unused materials

Peoplestown Garden

1038 Hank Aaron Dr Sw
Atlanta, Georgia

LOCATION: 1040 Hank Aaron Dr Sw Atlanta, Georgia

Peoplestown Garden Sign Up -

Initiative – C – Pittsburgh Garden
Initiative – C – Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Garden

978 Smith St SW
Atlanta, Georgia

LOCATION: 978 Smith St SW Atlanta, Georgia




These community gardens will provide wholesome natural and fresh foods in current food deserts to support the remediation of blight and as a local food source.

We hope to create with the aid of local community groups and municipalities 6 community gardens in extreme areas of blight by January of 2016.

Please help us by donating to our cause for volunteering. please contact for volunteerism and contributions.

The Rights 2 Life Foundation Inc. sets the goal of year 2015 to create 1 community garden in 5 Atlanta South Neighborhoods.

Community gardens offer healthy foods for citizens who currently live in the food desert.  A food desert is an area without a store or other resource that sells healthy foods and produce.  These areas located in Atlanta Georgia do not provide access to safe and healthy foods which lead to numerous deficiencies in health including:



heart disease

By giving citizens access to fresh and locally grown foods they have a opportunity for success in changing their lifestayles and their community status.

Save Our Stanton ˆ 2 DH Stanton Community Garden

Thank you.

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