Micah A. Rowland – Board of Directors

Micah was raised in Rockmart Georgia by two wonderful parents, Ruby and Jerry Rowland, the second to the youngest of 8 children. Micah Rowland due to the family values taught to him by his parents that helping the fellow neighbor contributes to the creation of a strong community.  Community Service was a key component of Micah’s life while growing up cutting the neighbors and family yards as well as doing volunteer service work through the church. The 90′s were a difficult time.  Micah grew up in the period when crack cocaine was prevalent in the African-American communities and as he grew from a child to a young man experience many of the hardships which devastated the lives of young African-American including experience juvenile run in with the law.  Over time he realized this was not the path for him and put his life on track through knowledge of computer systems which later in life opened doors for his future career path of becoming a computers systems administrator and quality engineer.

After graduating high school, Micah Rowland moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he attended Georgia State University.  This was a very arduous time in his life.  With the constraints of many circumstances and the desire to seek the opportunities the Big City had to offer him during time of umemployment Micah lived on the streets of Atlanta until an opportunity working at Georgia State University presented itself. This was also a difficult time in Micah’s life and his studies took him to Southern Polytechnic State University where he obtained degrees in Information Technology and Quality Assurance while working as the Technical Specialist for The School of Computing and Software Engineering Research Labs. After years of this work he then enrolled as a Graduate Student of Carnegie Mellon University and then became the Systems Administrator for Parking and Transportation Systems at Georgia State University’s Auxiliary and Support Service a unit of The Division of Finance and Administration.

Micah today lives in Atlanta, Ga and is the President of NPU-V Atlanta, a neighborhood planning unit consisting of Adair Park, Capital Gateway, Mechanicsville, Peoplestown, Pittsburgh and Summerhill neighborhoods.  Micah is also the President and Executive Director of The Rights 2 Life Foundation Inc. working with his wonderful co-founders Whitney Carnes and Robin Andrade both of whom are very dear to him and the citizens who they serve.  Still seeking his true path in life Micah has worked with various people assisting them in public service within their communities.

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